Collège du Parc



Here are the results of the giant survey about your daily life.

It was prepared by the 6e2 and 6e4 .



1. What time do you get up     

   – in the holidays    ?                 

   – on schooldays    ?              


 2. Do you have a shower before school    ?          


3. How do you go to school    ?

4. Do you have breakfast before school    ?

Where do you have breakfast ?

90% of the pupils have breakfast in the kitchen.


5. What time do you leave the house to go to school    ?        


6. Where do you do your homework    ?

7. What time do you go to bed when there is school the next day?



8. What sport(s) do you practise    ? 

About 25% of the pupils don’t practise any sport !

How often do you do it    ?

9. Are you in a club   ?   


10. What do you do after school ? Give your two favourite activities.


11. How often do you – play video games    ?                

12. Can you swim   ?     


13. Have you got pets ? 

14. What pets have you got   ?

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