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« The breakfast battle » : photos et articles

Here is the article and the photos about the breakfast battle that took place on May 27th, in the assembly hall.

This text was exclusively written by the pupils themselves.


« In the College du Parc, we organized a breakfast battle, of the 5e2 -vs- the 5e4 » (Valentin)

« We had to prepare the best anglo-saxon breakfast » (Osman)

« The 5e4 and the 5e2 had to cook a delicious breakfast for the jury » (Léonie)

« We had to prepare a well-balanced breakfast » (Pierre)

« We organized our project in class. » (Dilara)





 « In class, we had a lot of ideas to win against the 5e4 » (Romain)

« In class, we prepared the posters to invite the jury » (Pierre)

« We prepared « Who brings what? Who will cook what? » and we prepared an invitation to invite teachers who are free between nine and eleven to eat our breakfast and be the jury » (Lucie)

« Everybody had to bring something » (Hanaé)

« In the assembly hall, we stuck images to the table-cloth » (Louis)

« We decorated the tables with flags and monuments of each anglo-saxon countries » (Aude)

« There was a red tablecloth. The decoration was fabulous. » (Mélanie)

« With Elio, I reheated scrambled eggs, cooked bacon and beans. And we served plates to teachers » (Clarence)

« We washed our hands and we dressed elegantly » (Nathanaël)

« I prepared the fruits and the vegetables » (Valentin)

« Chloélia and Emma drew British flags on our faces » (Elio)

« Some people were waitresses, others cooked or were at the reception » (Justine)



 « We had to bring fruits, bacon, bagels, baked beans, eggs, tea, coffee, plates, cutlery, cooking plates, glasses etc.. »(Léa S)

« We had to prepare a well-balanced breakfast to win » (Eva)

« We had to speak English » (Aude)

« We had to wash our hands to have a good hygiene » (Elio)

« We had to be polite and have a positive attitude » (Dilara)

« We had to be nice to the teachers and we had to clean after the breakfast » (Nour)




« We needed a cooking-plate, saucepans, drinks and food » (Nathanaël)

« We needed a frying-pan to fry the bacon, it’s important for an English breakfast » (Romain)

« We needed to be organized and disciplined » (Lara)

« We needed to show solidarity » (Gabriel)

 The jury:


« The teachers ate the two breakfasts and gave marks » (Léa S)

 « I hope that the jury appreciated » (Corentin)



 « The 5e4 were maybe stronger but we won with a few more points » (Romain)

« This project was a very good idea. It was very difficult for the preparation » (Alexis)

« I had a good time with my friends. We laughed and at the end, we ate all together » (Angéline)

« I think it was a good experience because I learnt about anglo-saxon breakfasts. » (Emma)

« I think it was a good project because we learnt to eat well-balanced and a lot of advices » (Clarence)

« I liked to be the security man. It was awesome to do that ». (Ali)

 » I think this project was super because we don’t prepare an ango-saxon breakfast everyday. It’s super too because we learnt what we should do to be healthy. I think this 5th project was the best project of the year ». (Elio)

« The breakfast was super because we learnt a lot about English food. It’s something we don’t do everywhere »(Dilara)

« I think the breakfast was funny and the jury was very nice. » (Lara)

« It was a cool project, it was amazing! » (Léa R)

« I think the breakfast was funny because it is a new way to learn a lesson » (Seréna)

« I think our breakfast was a success » (Clara)

« But we were disappointed because we lost » (Eva)

 » I found that it was great because we all helped and we had to be organized. Everyone did something.

Of course, we won because we are the best! » (Salomé)


Advice to have a healthy life:

1. »It is really important to have a good breakfast because it helps to control your weight, it gives you a good concentration and a good memory. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day » (Gabriel)

2. « You should not eat too much junk food ». (Hanaé)

3. « You should do sport » (Raphaël)

4. « You have to sleep enough » (Justine)

5. « You should eat well-balanced meals » (Mélanie)

6. « You shouldn’t smoke ». (Nathan)

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