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Theatre in English – 3e

Une troupe de théâtre anglophone est venue lundi 9 mars pour deux représentations devant les classes de 5e et de 3e.

Voici les photos et les réactions des élèves de 3e….in English!


« In our school, an English company, « The Bear Educationnal Theatre » came on Monday March 9th. The show was about a tennis match with sandwiches which were strange » Lucie


« It was all in English, which was good for us to practise our oral comprehension » Pierre


« It was about Valerie’s murder, which happened during a match between her and Katie. Valerie was assassinated with poison and we had to know who had killed her and why. At the end, we found out that the trainer killed her because he didn’t want to train her anymore » Judith


 » I liked this play because the story was interesting, and the actors were easy to understand. The spoke well and used a vocabulary adapted for us. The actors talked with us and they were funny » Cédric


 » I found the show good because the actors interracted with us and that created some very funny moments (like when Quentin thought he had to give a high five!). I found it funny too that the actors played two or three different roles. » Elio


« The show was not funny but it was entertaining. I found the story of the murder not interesting but I must reckon that the comedians were nice. I also found that the end of the story was long to come.  » Clara

« I think that the show was good because we understood well what the comedians said » Léa


« It was not boring because I understood a lot of sentences. Some moments made me laugh! » Emma


« It was interesting because they spoke only in English so we had to understand everyone ». Salomé


« The show was not exciting and the story was not incredible but the three actors were funny. It was good because the actors have explained well, and I think all the pupils have understood » Carl

« I really loved the show because in the beginning, they explained vocabulary » Margaux


« I was pleasantly surprised because this play was funny and interesting » Audrey


« I found it enriching because there was a contact with the actors.  » Benjamin

« I found it great because they asked us some questions and we were captivated by the play » Quentin


« It was nice because the actors involved us. Sometimes, it was funny but I didn’t understand everything because they spoke too fast. But it was entertaining ». Carla


« We don’t often have shows, it was good to change from time to time. Although they spoke English well, sometimes, I didn’t understand everything. At the end, I managed to find the murderer. » Luc


« It was long but what was nice is that I understood what the actors said ». Marie

« The actors were asking too easy questions but I think the actors played the game well ». Enzo


« I did not find who had poisonned the player but it was a nice moment » Mervé


« The story was concreet and there were good jokes. The actors had the sense of humor » Mélanie


« In general, I like investigations with a lot of suspense. It was funny because they made the pupils participate. There was a good atmosphere ». Déborah


 » I liked the show because I understood everything that people said. The actors were really friendly » Manon


 » The story was not amazing but the actors did their best to do a great show. I think it’s good to see a show in

English because we can learn differently ». Hanaé


 » Although I didn’t understand all, the story was simple so that we understood it. » Pierre

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