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Masterchef Junior – 4e 2/4

Our Cooking Contest


In class, we made a cooking contest.

To start, we worked on a pumkin pie recipe and we learned vocabulary. Then, we worked on real « MasterChef Junior » videos and we learned how to judge and evaluate food with the taste, the texture and the appearance.

After that, we made « teams » and each team had to prepare something (to eat of course). And, the last day before the holidays, each team brought its dish to school. Before eating, everyone presented his/her recipe to the class. Then, everyone started to eat and judge the dishes. We had little papers to give a mark for the taste, the appearance and the texture. I think it was very good, there were a lot of dishes, I liked it a lot.

And finally, after the holidays, we had the results of the dishes. During the holidays, our teacher calculated the average of each dish with the little papers and made a list from the last to the first.

It was a good experience to do that because it was fun to prepare the dishes and the competition was good.




Masterchef in 4e 2 et 4e 4

The 4e 2 and 4e 4 participated in a Masterchef competition.

Before the competition in class, we studied the vocabulary of food. And we watched a Masterchef’s video. After we cooked and baked cakes, cookies, pie, makis… We were two by two. And we wrote our recipes with computers.

The day of « Masterchef », we brought our recipes in class and we tasted it. It was very good! Miss Hecker was here to taste too. We marked the recipe. We had to evaluate, the taste, the presentation and the texture.

After the competition, we voted for the best recipe. Adam, Carole and Yasin won. They cooked makis and it was excellent.

It was a very funny and interesting competition!




Masterchef in 4°2 and 4°2


With the 4°2 and the 4°4, we did the competition « Masterchef Junior ».

To prepare the competition, we learnt the vocabulary of the foodand we studied the recipe of the pumpkin pie. We did groups and we cooked, but it was not the same recipe. With the computer, we wrote the recipe.

After that, we brought the preparations to school and we tasted them. We completed the papers to give the points and we wrote comments. We had to give points for taste, texture and presentation.

When that was over, we gave the points and the group who had more points won. 

Adam, Carole and Yasin won with the makis.





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