Collège du Parc

Vernissage de l’exposition « Autoportraits » et « British tea party »

The tea party for our private view

 » On Thursday, January 26th, there was our private view.

This exhibition was about the self-portraits that we created in different subjects. For example, in history, we had to create propaganda posters for all of us about something that means a lot for us.

In French, we had to write a little text about the objects that represent us. We could also write our Chinese portrait. (…)

In art, we had to draw our self-portrait.

For this occasion, we had to prepare a tea party for the private view in the English class. We had to bring tea, pastries, sandwiches, plates, napkins and all that we needed to organize a perfect tea party.

Everybody brought something. At 4.00 pm, we went to the assembly hall to prepare the tables with the food and the drinks. (…)

When we finished the preparation, we opened the doors and welcomed the visitors. Everybody ran in the direction of the cakes!!

After the cake-apocalypse, everybody went to see our self-portraits. There were students from the 3e1, 3e2, 3e3 and some teachers.

It was pretty cool and interesting to discover the self-portraits that everybody made. (…).

The tea party was a success and everybody had a lot of fun ».



« Some weeks ago, our English teacher told us that we were going to organize a private view about our self-portraits ans about posters that we made in class. For this event, we made posters to say the date and the place of the party.

On Thursday, January 26th, the day of the exhibition, we brought things to prepare the assembly hall.

This D-Day, we cut cakes, put napkins and plates on the table etc…

Some teachers came at 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm to see the posters.

The tea party finished at 6.00 pm »




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