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15/05/19 : Have a nice cup of England

English Theatre Morning

We went to see a show on May 15th 2019 organized by Ms Ragaven and Ms Gramont. I thought the show would be like a real play, with several actors but, in the end, it was very humorous and there was only one person. He took several volunteers to help him make the show. I found it quite funny, although I did not understand everything but actions help us understand better. What was a pity was that students sitting at the back of the room heard virtually nothing and it was very irritating for them. 

Here are other opinions of students of our class who also attended the show:

– « I found this show quite good and very funny; it changes from the usual. »

– « This show was not very interesting! There was not enough action but, still, it was funny! »

– « Very good show! To redo next year. »

– « I really loved it! It was great, especially when the gentleman disguised students. »


On Wednesday, May 15th, students of 4e (Year 9) and 3e (Year 10) were able to attend a humorous sketch lasting around 1 hour.

This sketch consisted of 3 main stages.

6 students were invited to participate: 3 girls and 3 boys. Each had a special role.
When we arrived, Mr. Glyn was sleeping on the table in pajamas. Shortly after, he woke up, changed and the sketch started.

At first, he introduced us to his « friend » Winston Churchill; a student had the task of taking care of him for the duration of the sketch.

Mr. Glyn changed every time; he was not just a narrator, he was also the manager of the restaurant, then a doctor.

A second student had the role of Queen Elizabeth. A third one was an English man. In the first scene, he had an affair with Queen Elizabeth and, in a second one, he was at a dinner with a lady. The fourth is the lady and her baby. The fifth, Johnny, a patient, and, finally, the sixth, the doctor’s assistant.

Mr. Glyn was smiling all the time, and knew how to make us laugh. The fact of being able to participate in this sketch allowed us to feel useful and, thus, to help the understanding of the sketch.

Speaking of which, it was very simple for all to understand what he was saying.

Obviously, we learned new vocabulary, too!



Here are more comments from our schoolmates from the other classes :

“The show was very good because the actor made the spectators participate.

It was funny because it was about the stereotypes of England & France but he was very strange!”

We could understand because he mimed when he spoke. »

Martin, Elina, Franck, Jeanne

« The show was funny but sometimes a little strange ».


“The English was simple but hard to understand for me ».


“We liked the fact that he had brought costumes for some volunteers who took part in the show ».

Chléo and Raphaëlle

“It was very cool and funny. We liked the show, even if it was strange sometimes ».

Ali, Olivia, Théo Bastien, Ewen

« My opinion about this show is that the man was very strange but at least funny.

We think that was interesting that he made the students participate ».

Cyrielle, Thomas, Clément, Capucine

« The show was funny because some pupils have worn costumes.

At first, it was a little difficult to understand because of the English accent. But there were French subtitles so it was easier to understand. The comedian was strange but funny. »

Elise and Laura

« Yana participated: she was Mrs Veryenglish, she was ridiculous because she wore strange clothes.

And Yassine participated too, he was the doctor’s assistant, he wore a medical uniform.

We loved this show because it was funny and it was in English ».

Yana, Yassine, Clara, Ziad


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