Collège du Parc

People working in our school

People who work in our school – By the 5e1 and 4e LV2

The name of our principal is Mr. Jonas. He has a very nice office. He takes part in all the conferences and meetings (Yassine).

Tania, Kevin and Malik are our supervisors. They look after the pupils before the lessons, during the breaks, during lunch time and in the study rooms. They check if the pupils are absent or late. They also take care of the pupils when the nurse is absent. (Camille)

They watch over the pupils in the playground, and take the absence notes of the pupils. (Claire and Florian)

Our school librarian is Miss Leitz. She welcomes the pupils in the school library and helps them to choose books or collect information. (Ombeline)

She supervises the pupils in the school library. She puts away the books and classifies them on the shelves in the alphabetical order. (Claire)

We must always be quiet in the school library. (Florianne)

The caretaker looks after the school : for security, he locks the buildings at the end of the day.Sometimes, he helps the gardener. (Sara). His job is to maintain our school. He is cool. (Vitek)

The gardener takes care of the flowers. He prunes the trees before winter. (Julien).He also picks up dead leaves and he waters the plants. (Emeline).

The school cleaners work in the evening, after the lessons. They clean the school, corridors and classrooms. (Morgane) They don’t always work when the pupils are on holidays. (Céline)

The nurse takes care of sick pupils. Sometimes, she gives pupils aspirin if they want it. (Jean)

She is very nice, but she’s not always here : she takes care of other pupils in other schools too. (Ombeline) She speaks a lot with pupils (Sébastien).

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