Collège du Parc

Our school by the 5e1 and 4e LV2

Our school – By the 5e1 and the 4e LV2

The administration is in an old historical building we call « le Château ». It was built in Vosges sandstone. In the entrance, on your left, there is the staffroom. On the right, there are copymachines, the secretary’s office and the head’s office. (Jules and Julien)

We have a big playground. (Théo)

In our school, there is a staffroom, with tables. It is very big. The teachers are very strict! (Dimitri)


In our school, there is an infirmary. It’s opposite the supervisors’ office, and it’s downstairs.There is a bed, a washbasin, a cupboard, where the medicines are put away, and the nurse’s desk. Between the bed and the desk, there is a window looking out on to the bike garage. (Ombeline)


We have a computer room. There are twenty-six computers, and one interractive white board. There also are tables in the middle of the room to work. (Morgane)


The music room is upstairs, in building B. There is a piano and drums.

Our music teacher, Mr. Kappes, is very nice. We write music together. He also directs the school choir. There is a second room for the other instruments. (Céline) There are no tables. There are lots of posters of musicians. There is a microphone. (Emeline). The music teacher is cool and funny. Sometimes, he plays the drums. (Walid)


In our school, there is an art room. There are high chairs, tables and a black board. There are lots of drawings on the wall. (Florian)


The assembly hall is in building B downstairs. It’s a big room with a lot of chairs. There are tables for writing when it’s necessary. All the meetings are held there. There alos is a big screen to watch movies. (Jean)


We have two study rooms, where we can go when we have a free hour or when teacher is absent.In this room, there are chairs, tables and a black board. You can do your homework there. (Shaïma and Sara)


In our canteen, it’s « self-service ». The pupils, teachers and supervisors eat together. There is a small room where we put away our trays. (Florianne)


In the school library, there are two places for reading but we can also borrow books : there are comics, novels, magazines and dictionaries. There also are computers and a storage room. (Camille and Claire)


We love our school !! (All)      😉

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