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« Our school » by the 5e3


OUR SCHOOL by the 5e3


In our school, there is an old building, called « le Château ». It was built in 1735 and used to be called « Le château Kinglin ». Today, inside this old building, there are the head’s office, the staffroom, and the secretary’s office.



In front of this building, there is a park. (Clara) In the park, there are a lot of trees, benches and flowers. It is original! (Fanny and Emmanuel)


In the playground, there are trees. One stinks!! There is a roofed place, for when it rains. The lockers are in the playground. (Fanny)



On the left of the entrance of the « château », there is the staffroom, and on the right, there is a room with copy machines. Outside, on the right of the entrance, there is the bike garage for the teachers. (Nolwenn)


In the school library, you can read and do research. It is located on the ground floor. (Judith) The school library is also a place to study. There are four computers. It is big. (Léa) There are several categoris of books to choose from : magazines, novels, comics… ( Laura)


The common room is a small room where we can meet. We can chat, play games…(Maëdine)


Our canteen is big and beautiful. You must go up stairs, and there are long tables. (Kenza) Pupils can eat there at 12.00. Pupils have a card to go to the canteen. (Anissa)


In the art room, there are high chairs, tables and drawings on the wall. It is next to the music room. (Maxime L) There are pupils’ drawings on the walls, and photos of artists. (Louis)




In the music room, there are a piano and drums. The pupils don’t have tables, but work on music stands. It is upstairs, near the art room. (Lisa) Our music teacher is very nice (Gaëtan)


We have a computer room. It’s cool and big! (Husseyn and Yaël)


In the study room, there are chairs and tables, because it’s a room where we can work and revise. We can chat with friends if we whisper. (Brandon) It is downstairs, opposite the infirmary. (Amir)


The assembly hall is the biggest room in the school. It’s where meetings and information conferences are held. We can watch films. It’s also where the photographer takes the photos of the pupils. It’s on the first floor of the B building, and near the study room. (Maxime B) There is a small stage, a beamer and a big paperboard. (Florian)


We have a bike garage, where we can leave our bikes for the day. (Corentin) It’s practical for the pupils who aren’t coming by car. It opens at 7.45 am and closes at 6.00 pm. There are at least one hundred bikes parked there every day. (Victor)


The gym is opposite our school entrance. Next to it, there is a football pitch. (Léa)


We love our school….it’s great! (All)            😉

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