Collège du Parc

« People working in our school » by the 5e3

« People working in our school » by the 5e3


The headmaster’s name is Mr. Jonas. He is the director of the school. His office is in « le Château ». (Florian) He attends meetings and conferences. He has to take care of all the pupils. (Lisa) He handles the problems. (Enzo)

The secretary has her office next to the head’s office. She takes care of the paperwork. (Fanny) She helps the head for all the important papers. She also helps to copy the lessons for the pupils who were absent. (Brandon) She writes letters and sends the pupils’ families the end-of-term reports. (Maxime B)


The supervisors have their own office. They prevent the fights in the school yard. (Arnaud) They are nice and cool. (Husseyn) They deal with late pupils, and they sometimes help the pupils to do their homework. (Corentin M)


Mrs Simonin is our CPE (Conseiller Principal d’Education). She is cool. (Husseyn)


The caretaker lives in the school. He looks after the school, day and night. He has the keys to all rooms (Amir). We call him « Homme à tout faire », because he can do everything! Sometimes, he helps the gardener. He opens the school in the morning and closes it at night. (Nolwenn). He also repairs chairs and tables (Maxime L)


The gardener waters the flowers and sometimes helps the caretaker. He is very nice. (Victor) He picks up dead leaves. (Judith) He takes care of the park. (Clara)


There are three school cleaners. They have a lot of work! (Laura) The school cleaners clean the hallways, the corridors and the classrooms. They wash the floors, which is nice for everybody at school. They are serious women who do their job well. (Ali) They clean the classrooms after the lessons. (Maëdine)


The nurse helps sick pupils. When it’s necessary, she phones the doctor. She sometimes gives medicine. (Louis Kenza and Emmanuel).

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