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« School in Britain » by the 4e1

« School in Britain »

by the 4e1

1. The English school system:

– Primary school from the age of 5.

– Secondary school from the age of 11.

– Higher education like university or college from the age of 18.

Primary school is compulsory from the age of five.

The second, sixth and eleventh years have a test at the end of the year.

After the primary school, the pupils have the choice between two types of school:grammar school or comprehensive school.

After the ninth year, the pupils choose their subjects for the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). The pupils are then 15 or 16. It is the equivalent of our « brevet ».

(by Sébastien)

2. The timetable:

The timetable in French is « l’emploi du temps ». They have a break for lunch and free time. In

general, in France we have more lessons than in England. They have the same lessons than in

France, but our lessons last longer than lessons in England. After the school they have optional


( by Alexandre, Esteban and Louis)

3. Registration or assembly:

The teachers take the register : they read the children’s names in turn and notes in a book if the pupils are present.

Sometimes, the pupils anwer their teachers in a different language, French or German.


At about 9.10, the children go to assembly in the main hall. They sit on the floor, the youngest children at the front and the older children at the back. They listen to music, or sing, or get information about the school.

Assembly is to celebrate the school. Parents can decide to remove their children from assembly.

( by Olivia and Annabella)

4. The uniform:

Boys’ uniforms often consist of dark short or long trousers, and a light coloured shirt, with a tie.

They also wear a jumper or a sweater with the school logo on.

The colour is the choice of the school.

For girls, it’s the same, but they may wear skirts during the summer.

( by Mathilde and Eva )


5. Conclusion (School) :

In England, the pupils have uniforms and their lessons are shorter than in France.

The pupils have registration at the arrival whereas in France we have the registration in every lesson.

School in England is very different from school in France.

( by Frédérique and Alizée)

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