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« School in Britain » by the 4e4

« SCHOOL IN BRITAIN » by the 4e4

1. The routine of an English pupil

In the United Kingdom, pupils start later than in france at 8.30 am, they are Lucky.

Before the first lesson, they have registration. It’s where the headteacher knows who is absent. For the lunch break, a lot pupils bring a packed lunch composed of sandwich, a fruit …. Sometimes, they eat at the school canteen.

The last lessons finishes at 3.10 pm. In a lot of schools beetween registration and the first lesson, there is Assembly,where al the pupils of the scholl sit together, sing or listen to a story.

( by Iman and Marine )

2. The English timetable

– The lessons in England finish at 14 pm.

– They last fifty-five minutes.

– Pupils get up at 7.00 am .Lessons start at a half past eight in general.

– Every morning, at 8.10 a.m. , there is the registation to know who is here and who is absent .

– There are three lessons in the morning

– There is a break to eat . The lunchbreak lasts forty-five minutes. It’s shorter than in our school.

The English timetable is better than in France. A school day is more difficult in France.


( by Aurore and Agathe )

3. Assembly/registration


The teachers take the register, to see who is absent. The name of absent pupils is recorded in a special book.


After that, the children go to assembly in the main hall. They sit on the floor and sing songs for example.

( by Grégoire and Justin )

4. The uniforms

In English schools, they have a uniform so that there is no difference and no discrimination.

Parents don’t have to buy clothes.

It gives a sense of pride and discipline.

For boys they have :  – black trousers

– a white shirt

– black shoes.

For girls they have:   – a dark dress or trousers

– a white shirt

– black shoes

In France, we don’t wear school uniforms.

( by Charlotte & Hilal )


School in Britain is very different from school in France!

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