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The Bear Theatre came to our school on March 16th for two shows.

Here are some photos and the reactions of the pupils to this unusual experience.


« Last Friday, we saw a show with English actors. Pupils participated in the show, it was funny.

With this show, we revised English grammar, it was a good idea, but it was easy » Olivia

« We had to find the correct verbs in the preterit. If it was correct, the grammar dog stayed quiet, if it was wrong, he bit. At the end, three girls and three boys were chosen to play a theatre scene. It was very funny! » Camille

« The show was interesting when the actors involved the students but the grammar was a little repetitive.  » Eva

« The actors were nice.  » Mathilde

« The show was good and funny but I did not like the grammar.  » Samantha

 » The actors were very good and smiling but I didn’t like the show because the grammar was easy and boring » Ilana

 » The show was nice even if I did not understand everything because they spoke fast. » Sébastien


« We saw the theatre in English on Friday 16th at eleven o’clock. It was about a comic love story. The actors mixed the story and the exercises so it was easy to learn the past in English. I found the theatre funny and interesting. The actors taught us the past very well and it was easy to understand » Natacha

« Three persons showed us little sketches in English. We had to complete sentences with verbs in the preterit. There were also volunteer pupils who had to change their clothes and read the text of the actors » Océane

 » At the end, seven pupils had to play a little funny show. They were very good actors » Angélique

 » The theatre was funny and original. I liked it a lot because the actors were nice and the stories funny » Delos

 » I didn’t like the beginning of the show but the end was good. I found that amusing to play the grandmother of the bad boys ». Charlotte


« I liked the moments when the pupils were playing in the show, it was fun. I loved it too when we did the grammar and when we found the answers. » Iman


 » The mixture between grammar and the story was very good and fun » Agathe

 » I didn’t really like this show because I don’t like grammar » Morgane

 » The show was good even if I didn’t understand all.  » Marine

 » I enjoyed the show because it was interesting, instructive and very funny. I understood well what the actors said. It was useful to revise irregular verbs. » Alexandre

 » There was a good atmosphere. It was amazing » Laura


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