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On Friday, March 16th, the Bear Theatre Company came to our school for two shows in English. For the 5e, the name of the show was « The Alien Grammar Show ».

Here are some photos and the reactions and opinions of the pupils from 5e1 and 5e3 about this theatre play.



 » Last Friday, we saw a show in English. There were two secret agents who wanted an alien. We took part in the show. In fact, one secret agent was an alien. It was a good show ». Clara

« On Friday, we saw a theatre play about aliens. It was in English. It lasted one hour but it wasn’t boring! » Claire

« The alien came to earth because he lost his children Blip and Blop » Arnaud

« The policemen thought the aliens were no good but it was wrong » Louis

« For me, the alien was nice and the special agents were nasty. It was great! » Zakaria

 » There were three persons to play : two actors were detectives, and one actor was the alien. The two detectives’ mission was to look for the alien. » Maxime

« I liked the alien. The special agents were fun » Maëdine

 » I liked this show because the script was really good. I liked going on stage and participating in the show. It was funny and the actors very nice.  » Jules

« I liked the UFO. The show was fun » Brandon

 » The theatre was very good and nice. The pupils participated in the theatre. » Léa

« The show was funny. I loved it. The actors were very interesting ». Mathilde

« It was a good idea, we liked the show ». Nolwenn

 » The alien was my father and my name was Blop! » Fanny

 » It was good fun. I hope they come back soon because I loved it. » Sara

« The show was easy to understand. The actors helped us with French. It was funny to answer the actors’ questions ». Jean

« When the actors spoke English, I understood almost every word. It was very great because pupils could participate. » Ombeline

« The actors played very well. I liked that they took pupils for their show ». Emeline

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